CARLOH (Desolat, I’m a House Gangster, Suara) Quito Ecuador. From an early age he showed his love and passion for music greatly influenced by the music style of South America: folklore and music of the Andes.

He started Looking that fussion with the multiplicity of pre-Columbian musical instruments of Ecuador and looking for the authenticity of the sounds of instruments originating in the native land! He was influenced by his uncle and his father who were dj’s. They taught him to mix turntables and consoles while learning congas and bongos percussion.

He later on Travelled to Europe and fell in love with electronic music which at the beginning he did not appeal but today the love and intense constant seeking to join with it to create and make good music, The Deep House and Tech House, Techno, his favorite music begins to uncover. The Fussion with Latin touch opens fields with his Beats in his country highlighting and giving interviews to local radio and television stations. grateful to the people that supports him and the people who always want more music, he thanks them so he can represent his country and his city.

Nowdays his music is being played from big artists as Loco Dice or Jamie Jones and releases on labels as Desolat are coming with future dancefloor hits.