Music has been a part of Jay’s life since his childhood years. He studied music at a music conservatory for eight years, which provided a good basis to his ambition of making music.

This ambition appeared very early during his schooldays, when he started to adapt compositions of classic authors to his own style rather than playing their original versions. Although his music education was originally focused on playing a classic instrument – violin – he early recognized that his overpowering desire for creative freedom would not have been easily understood with this kind of instrument. By the time he got his first computer, he had already begun crafting ideas that he knew he would want to be heard. He taught himself to play the synthesizer and as he started obtaining the latest technologies and softwares at the time, he was finally equipped to fully develop himself artistically in a way as to be able to find that perfect sound that made him feel more like “at home”.

Nowadays, Jay Lumen is one of the most advanced new generation DJ/producers.
Jay Lumen the DJ, He made his debut at a young age of 14, spinning at a school party. In the beginning, he played his favorite tracks from vinyl, while following the technical advances he switched to CDs and USB instead of vinyl.

In his DJ sets he builds from pure and colorful Techno elements nowadays mostly. Dynamic, pulsating grooves and pleasant dub tunes are also featuring his sound world and are easily sensible to the listener, both from his tracks and sets.

Being an artist with a classical music background, Jay is now one of the most famous and internationally appreciated DJ/producers.
He is playing at the best clubs and venues all around the world on weekly basis. Venues like Miami (Space, Heart, WMC), London (EGG, Lightbox, Pacha), Berlin (Tresor, WeekEnd, Magdalena), Ibiza (Space, Privilege, Sankeys, Destino, Eden), Dubai (Sanctuary), Prague (Roxy), India (Club Pasha, Blue Frog) and Germany, Austria, Poland, Egypt, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Finland, Israel, Indonesia, Russia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, France, Belgium, Colombia, Mexico (BPM), Spain, Peru, Chile, Thailand, China, The Netherlands or Australia, and many others have already been part of Jay Lumen’s tour calendar.

Jay Lumen the producer, He has had fourteen No1, over thirty Top10, and several Top20 charted tunes so far. His releases are published by some of the most prominent international labels like Drumcode (Adam Beyer’s label), Saved (Nic Fanciulli’s label), Circus, 100% Pure, Octopus Records, Relief (Green Velvet’s label) or Cadenza (Luciano’s label), and of course his own Footwork. He was the only one DJ/Producer who had 6 tunes (originals and remixes) on Beatport’s top chart at the same time in 5 different years as well.

From 2012 until now all his new original releases have succeeded to the Top10 charts of Beatport! He is unique by this record all around the world and it seems he is well on his way to continue this trend in 2021 as well!

He has several collaborations with other high level artists like Green Velvet, Popof, Sasha Carassi, Harvey McKay, etc.
His new label Footwork is one of the best newcomer Techno labels now. It’s an explosion in the scene as all the releases got great reactions and focus by the people and media. The releases have landed on great chart positions in Top10s of Beatport and other stores.

Jay Lumen

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