Miane steps up to become a strength by own right in the electronic music scene. Based in Ibiza, Miane’s music has a distinct staple, unique and difficult to put in words.

Miane’s story is one of hard work and DIY dedication. That, added to her immense talent, have managed to put her among the most interesting artist to keep an eye on by the scene. Without growing in a musical environment, Miane is the living incarnation of the DIY culture that is taking over the electronic music realm. A culture that hasn’t stopped giving us some of the most incredible talents of the last few years.

Since 2013, when she finally based herself in Ibiza, Miane has evolved and developed her sound, with an elegant and well-thought.

Nowadays, after years dedicated to the growth of her label and her DJ career, Miane is now focused on producing, her real true passion. Mixing the best features in each of house’s subgenres, with her unique use of black voices – that she manages to tweak at will – and that magic touch that works as secret ingredient, Miane manages to empower each and every one of her tracks.

Thanks to the sound palette she has managed to develop over her more than seven years in the industry, Miane’s profile is – without questioning – one of those newcomers to keep an eye.
Her DIY mentality, her passion, and the curiousness she develops towards any innovation – both digital and analogic – have made her become a more complete artists sound-wise, evolving naturally towards that warm and organic sound she feels more attracted to.

Getting all the attention of big names thanks to her sound, that play with influences that range from old school house to R&B, or 90s soul.

Miane’s story is an old school one, where talent and hard work meet to give us such an unique artist, whose projection is set to be meteoric. A promise that becomes real, with the future in her hands.

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