Spain’s scene is flourishing. It hasn’t stopped giving us great young talents, that present themselves with the hunger and talent needed to tear up dance floors. Orient is one of them, charged with positive energy and a demolishing bass, he’s already making thousands dance to his tracks.

Orient developed his taste for music since very little. First, it was percussion, then the trumpet… And finally it was the art of DJing the one that caught his definitive love, influenced by his uncle and the Valencian scene of the early 2000s. After studying music production, Orient decided to take his own self-learning path, to be able to create the music that most resonated with his creativeness: electronic music.

Being a breakthrough artist, it was destiny that crossed Orient’s path to fully dedicate his life to music. For him, it’s a dream come true. A dream that seemed distant, but step by step is materializing now in the form of strong releases and more performances, in Spain and abroad.

As far as his sound, Orient is in the middle of a creative explosion, exploring new grounds and musical influences. Nowadays, his productions spin around joyous sounds, with minimal tech influences, the use of samples and one common thread: carefully treated, tight, dry and strong bass and drums. That gives Orient’s music that intensity so needed in today’s music, but with elegance and happiness. The perfect proof of this is the support given to his tracks, by artists as Wade, Solardo, Lee Foss or John Summit.

In his DJ sets, Orient is starting a very promising career that has seen him perform in big events in Spain and Europe. Something that no doubt will continue and grow in the upcoming moths, as Orient presents himself as one of the biggest revelations to take into account next season.

A complete, versatile artist that perfectly understands the crowds. That is Orient. A promise that, little by little, is becoming a reality in the electronic music scene.

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