Behind Paskman’s name we find the DJ and producer who has managed to generate his own style by mixing great classics from countless genres with prominent Tech House beats.
Born in 1995, although Paskman’s name was created in 2019, he has pioneered a unique way of producing and understanding music. His productions are regularly played by world-class artists such as Wade, The Martinez Brothers, Michael Bibi or Cloonee.
With more than 4 million streams on Spotify, ‘Smoking I Wait’ was the track that brought the electronic music scenes attention to this young Spanish producer. His Talent as a producer is comparable to his quality as a Dj. Versatile mix of styles and his DJing technique make Paskman a surefire on any dance floor.
If you have not heard of Paskman yet, you can now prepare all your senses to receive one of the future stars of electronic music. Paskman has arrived, and he did it to establish his position among the big names of the scene.

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