Toyzz didn’t come to just play. This DJ and producer is one of the fastest-rising new talents in electronic music. But make no mistake: Toyzz is no rookie in the music scene. The Spanish musician and multi-instrumentalist have years’ worth of experience in music. However, his real path was far from the one taught at theoretical music schools. With no motivation due to the boring music academicism, it was fate and fortune that made him travel to Ibiza and discover electronic music in all its glory.

Time has passed since and today, Toyzz’s sound navigates through different genres, especially bass house, tech house, and their fusion with other styles, always focusing on the power and magic of the bass as a catalyst in his productions. That, plus samples, techy sound, with a heavy, chest-hitting bass; and that electric sound – homage to his early days of rock and rave – with tons of groove. Toyzz’s sound is playful, happy, and stomping, perfect for big clubs and festival sets. A sound he also develops DJing, taking the crowd on a sonic journey of dance and fun.

Toyzz’s music has also been featured in the planet’s most important and iconic radio outlets, such as BBC Radio One’s show, Diplo & Friends; or Sirius XM and Los 40 Principales, among others. It’s not weird then, to get steady support from artists such as Wade, Diplo, Oliver Heldens, or Martin Garrix, who are used to tearing dance floors apart with Toyzz’s tracks.

Label-wise, Toyzz is strengthening his presence in the scene, with versatile tracks that can adapt to any dancefloor. Toyzz definitely is reaching a top moment for him, regarding production. A perfect proof of that is his first experiments with new sounds and inspirations, such as ‘ASI’ on Noizu’s label TECHNE, ‘Work It Back’ on Hardwell’s label Revealed Records, or ‘Muevelo’ on Wade’s label “Criterio Music”. Tracks in which the Spanish producer shows his mastery when fusing genres, breaking the boundaries that set styles apart, creating a fantastic mixture of big-room electronic music, with hip-hop, Latin rhythms, and urban music.

Toyzz is, without question, a safe bet over the future of electronic music. His sound palette and his great experience as a musician render him a versatile producer, that can adapt perfectly to new trends while keeping his identity. Be it with house music, its derivates, or experimenting with the fusion of urban rhythms with electronic music, Toyzz is one of the most interesting and promising artists from the Spanish electronic music scene.

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